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happy new year 2012, how’s your culture today?

Since Artspace Rondeel Maastricht been transf-ARM-ing the cultural landscape around it, drastically changed. Value & subsidies for Nature and Culture are vanishing and one can be sure that many Nature lovers and Cultural makers are moving out of this country in which they feel not represented anymore by any means. We are monitoring the Braindrain as close as possible to see where culture ends. What will be in the news (besides political/economical news?). How will people behave without culture and nature and where do they feel at home (enclosed in their own fenced homes or in community shelter?)
Definitely we will publish some new ideas and data to withstand a braindrain or we’ll jump on the train ourselves and find a way to open possibilities abroad ourselves. For any hint, idea or vision on where to continue cultural (artspace-like) and natural (gardening) activities we’re very open.


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