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Loïc B.C. & The frantic Lovers >> He died while Hunting>> 26/03 at ARM-20:30

Dear Fans.

ARM celebrates spring with an exquisite selection of pop music. From the capital of Wallonia we welcome Loïc B.O. and the Frantic Lovers. Loïc B.O. already won his spurs in the Belgian indie scene as the frontman of Flexa Lyndo. His first solo album, “Million Dreams”, became a collection of dreamy, sometimes even melancholical, songs over compositions with violin, cello, piano and drums.
Also from Belgium is ‘He died while hunting’, who kindly provided to fill up the gap caused by the last minute cancellation of Charles Hayward and Barberos. As it is very last minute I havent been able to come up with a shitty piece of half witted commentary about the bands music so I guess you’ll just have to come and see.
DJ Willy Fitswell will join us later in the evening and he says he’s up for a riot.
See you Saturday at ARM

POINO alternative rock>>19.3.@21H>> ARM

19.03.2011 @ artspace rondeel maastricht

no fat, only lean muscle, POINO (London) combine erudite proficiency with flailing ignorance, offering up a melee of caustic ambiguity
from within the deepest hollows of a disenchanted consciousness. Whatever the hell that means.

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BOSMOS(groningen) & Marko Timlin`s (helsinki)>>4.3.@21H>>ARM

04.03.2011 @ artspace rondeel maastricht

audiovisual delights (doors: 9pm)

dubstep, drum and bass party (starts 11.30pm)

The Great Park&Binoculers>>27/2>>20:30@ARM

After a remarkable performance in September last year together with Preslav Literary School, Stephen Burch, aka The Great Park will honour us with another visit on the Sunday 27th of Februari. For those of you that have missed it last time: The Great Park is acoustic folk at its finest. Burch’s ‘musical paintings’ evoke a yearning for the day of yesterday. These are songs of romance, hope and despair by a dreamer caught in the a…bsurdity of modern life. Continue reading ‘The Great Park&Binoculers>>27/2>>20:30@ARM’

ayankoko & KONKRET ZU ABSTRAKT>>18.02 @21h >>ARM

18.02.2011 @ artspace rondeel maastricht

doors: 9pm

ayankoko: ambient noise experimental improvised music (Languedoc-Roussillon, France)

KONKRET ZU ABSTRAKT: Haarmann und Frank Niehusmann improvise compositions with baloons, mandolines, feedback, and found objects, realtime manipulated live-electronics, pianochords and extraterrestrial signals

Mute Swimmer & Haruko>>25th of Januari@ARM – 20:30


ARM kicks off the new year with an excellent recipe against wintery moodyness. Mute Swimmer & Haruko play just the kind of heart warming folk pop you so desperately crave for on a cold Januari evening. Both sing a song writers previously released albums on the indie labels Woodland Recordings and Bracken Records. There’ll be hot chocolate, cookies and a crackling fireplace.

Live JAZZ >> 19 dec >> ARM

Starring : GIL MORTIO (B) baritone guitar
FLORIAN BERGMANN (Ger) bass clarinet


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