(the new virtual home). Since September 2006 we’ve been setting up an Artspace because there is a need to show more artworks and experiments from all artmakers in the region as well as from abroad passing through. We are the home for the spontaneous and the sub-cultural. Please support us, cause the local politicians have not really seen us yet and it is almost impossible to lobby at the moment! so this is a TRY

We are an opensource real-life community that is constantly evolving.
Our interest is mainly to connect people and to give art & culture some unique new chances to show. We are an experiment! We are cultural catalysts. We try to combine recycling and energy as well as educate ourselves on biological awareness. We invite artist from all over the world that come to perform in our special Hall (we try to compensate CO2). We are also artists ourselves and we meet on a regular base with all interested people to discuss Culture and a strategies towards its growth.

Come and have a look. We are also an atelier-community where you can find new works from different artists. We seek all levels of interaction with all sides of society. We want to inform you but please inform us about you!

Further activities are placed on this blog.

or call 0031-619248092

explaination of ARM the name. there are several connotations around the word ARM, (not only Artspace Rondeel Maastricht).
First: It means like in our logo that we support eachother the best way we can. It;s a simple social sign if you can give an arm to somebody, an Arm support, like in a mestreechs proverb: “iech num dich onder den ärm.” (means i support you under your arm)
2nd :another connotation is the idea that ARM means in dutch “poor”. Well. that seems maybe misplaced in our intentions but actually it is a word that always sounds negative. Though positively speaking, it has the chances to evolve strategies not based on material wealth, but on a social level. So you can be very poor financially, in ARM we hope you find the richest social context you could ever have, an a place where you are accepted without regarding your financial situation.
third: arm is English too. To Arm somebody or yourself does mean that you prepare yourself for a difficult struggle or fight. In my opinion there is a certain social need to ARM yourself against people taking no responsibility.
I’m not referring to criminals or indignity, i’m more trying to issue the idea that if we avoid common sense (and taking responsibility for nature, people, things and developments) we loose culture. We loose material, we loose energy, we loose trust, we loose negotiations and so on. It is obvious to me and I keep believing that if i keep on speaking an communicating about our worries, differences and difficulties, we find solutions on a creative level and in a way we like & enjoy to solve things.

this works for ARM sofar. let’s make a little difference for our friends and for our friends to come.
_ Kaspar König

>> na 4,5 jaar ARM, transfARMeren we helemaal opnieuw.
[english below]

Beste Lezers,

Namens het ARM-team en mijzelf, kondigen wij de “transfARMation”
aan. Wij blijven broeden maar verhuizen weg van het rondeel 2.
Sommige acties verhuizen letterlijk (bijvoorbeeld het OHP urban f-ARMing project aan het old hickory plein, of de BuGa in Koblenz), andere acties transformeren naar een dislocatie, non-locatie of worden gewoon virtueel en imaginair.

Het feit blijft dat we enorm plezier hebben beleefd in ARM en onze eigen resourcen zo goed mogelijk hebben ingezet. We hebben meer dan 300 internationale kunstenaars uit meer dan 20 landen in minder dan 100 evenementen ondergebracht waarin we eten hebben gesonificeerd, dans hebben geillumineerd, de oliebar geetableert, geluidsbadminton geînitieerd, binnendeurs luchtvaart bedreven, per vierkante meter cultuur verhuurd, (ARM400), langzaam gefietst en gewacht op de vleugels (WITW) en last but not least samengewerkt met de kosmos. We hebben bomen geplant, hemelwater gesproeid en het dak gerepareerd maar wellicht het beste van alles is dat we mensen hebben verbonden met elkaar in het echt! Hiervan zullen wij dan ook morgen nog profiteren want door het experimenteren met het bestaande, het uitwisselen van het lokale met het internationale, en het laten zien en horen van wat ons bezig houdt, bloeit er nu een diverse en rijke ARM community die we zeer waarderen.
We hebben samengewerkt met veel (niet alleen) culturele instellingen en hebben ARM door alles heen gelobbied. Nu nemen we 1 ARM eraf en de andere behouden we online en levendig (9,689 bezoekers op de website). Dus als je de polsslag van het ARM wilt blijven voelen, kom dan naar de buurttuin op het old hickory plein 10, iedere woensdag vanaf 9.00 uur ‘s tot 13:00u ‘s middags. Natuurlijk vinden er ook nog enkele activiteiten in het Rondeel 2 plaats, bijv.a.s. Zaterdag 19mrt 21u met Poino (london) en Spoondoctor O (Mst) dus wees er (nog) vlug bij !

Beste lezers, wij danken jullie voor de ondersteuning van ARM en ik dank het hele ARM team voor zoveel non-profit-superb-goodwill wat buitengewoon hart verwARMend is! Ook danken wij de mensen die het ontzichbare werk gedaan hebben en Ipal in het bijzonder voor de visie en de mogelijkheid om ons in de eerste plaats een temporaire artistieke zone te laten beginnen.

OHP urban f-ARMing
every wednesday 9:00 AM till 13:00
Oldhickory plein 10

tot in de TransfARM,

Kaspar König

>> after 4,5 years in het rondeel, we transfarm!

Dear Readers,

In behalf of the ARM team and me, we anounce the trans-fARM-ation!
We are breeding on and will leave the Rondeel 2 soon.
Some of our actions will move literaly, like the f-ARM garden to the Old Hickory Plein others will become virtually or based in a non-location.

Fact is: we’ve had a lot of fun and we made the best out of our resources. We hosted about 300 international Artist from more then 20 countries in less then 100 events. We’ve been sonifying food, illuminating dance, building rock-towers,  hoovering the “oilbar”, inventing sonic badminton, indoor-airballooning, renting square meters each, waiting in the wings and we’ve been collaborating with the cosmos. We planted trees to avoid desertification and best of it, we’ve been connecting people for real. All of which we profit tomorrow! By combining the experimental with the conventional, exchanging the local with the international, bringing diversity in ARM we’ve made an overviewable community that we value a lot!  We’ve been networking with as much cultural life we could approach in the last 4,5 years. We’ve been contacting governemental partners as much as we could. We will take one ARM off but keep the other ARM online & alive. So if you want to stay in touch, come to the OHP f-ARM community garden and follow us on our website/newsletter/FB. Some of our next events will still take place in “het Rondeel 2”, like this saturday 19/3 Poino (London) and Spoondoctor O, be welcome with your open ear.

We thank you for your support to ARM and I thank the whole ARM team for so much non-profit-superb-goodwill that makes my heart GLOW in the DARK!
Also the people who did the invisible I would thank on this spot as Ipal for its vision to help us in the first place for the time of our temporal autonomous zone.

OHP urban f-ARMing
every wednesday 9:00 AM till 13:00
Oldhickory plein 10

See you in transfARMation
Kaspar König


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