topdownbottomup party >> 21 may >> @ ARM

Dear readers,

the last party of ARM will be held 21 of may; it will be the top down bottom up party (or Den Haag for Cultural Capital benefit party or Fukushima must stop party or or or )…( at least the date is fixed) 21th of MAY the rest is open to you! I got already the first suggestions how to
basicly end something that is infinitive… or at least something we will take along anyway (inpiration good ideas connection etc)

Since everybody is against top-down decision these days,
and wants grassroots buttom up ideas, i think i would love to combine it and find winwin for both.
I put my head down in the earth like a Ostrich (struisvogel) when i think about the Cultural Capital 2018.
But I shake my ass all the way to the top because it is gonna be the party where i will think about the rest of my life and beyond.

Subtract space, make propaganda for your new cultural events. bring your acts but don;t forget
Let’s make it a cleaners (after)party or something….

Give me ideas, like the organ BBQ has turned out to be a succes
See video above!

best for now ! please forward it to people who might want to show something on that day!

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