The Great Park&Binoculers>>27/2>>20:30@ARM

After a remarkable performance in September last year together with Preslav Literary School, Stephen Burch, aka The Great Park will honour us with another visit on the Sunday 27th of Februari. For those of you that have missed it last time: The Great Park is acoustic folk at its finest. Burch’s ‘musical paintings’ evoke a yearning for the day of yesterday. These are songs of romance, hope and despair by a dreamer caught in the a…bsurdity of modern life.
Second act of the evening will be Binoculers, who, according to Burch, “makes some of the sweetest music I’ve heard in a while”. We can’t but agree on that. Binoculer’s songs are fragile gems of introspectivity, her voice that of the girl you’ll once fall in love with.
The Great Park released over a dozen records on his own label Woodland Recordings, most of which are available for (free) download at
Binoculers debut, “every seaman’s got a favourite spaceship”, released on Labelship, is available for download through bandcamp. Have a taste at

We hope to see you all there.



1 Response to “The Great Park&Binoculers>>27/2>>20:30@ARM”

  1. 1 Stephen February 27, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    The link for the Binoculers album at bandcamp is here:

    Lovely thing it is too.

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