Jasmina Mashina & golden diskó ship>>city splits>>Saturday 6th of November@ARM – 20:00



ARM keeps it coming with two fantabulicious acts straight from the place where it’s appearantly all happening: Berlin.

Jasmina Machina and golden diskó ship be the names of this weekend’s special.   Both artists will pay us a visit as part of an European tour celebrating their first album together: City Splits #1 Berlin, released by Monika Enterprise.

And special it will be.  We’ve been having severely hard times lately trying to label what we got on offer and it’s not getting the slightest bit easier. Lets just say we’re looking forward to have two exquisite young folk musicians performing for us this Saturday, with music previously described as  “sonic folk for the eternal mind” and “eine musikalische Umsetzung der Chaos-Theorie”.  As both artists work together on stage expect something in the middle of what was just mentioned above.

Like always you are more than free to judge for yourself:



And a preview of the aforementioned album:


After a sound start the evening will continue with a fine selection of diskjockeys, the first of whom spinned his first record when Thailand was still called Siam and a chalder of coal cost you three shilling and a sixpence. His birth certificate consists of a carbon-14 isotope and he remembers when Margareth Thatcher was still a fox. The man’s seaside holidays were the inspiration for Hemingway’s classic and he has more ailments than listed in the Oxford encyclopedia of geriatric disease. ARM proudly presents the menace of the public pension funds: DJ old shit.

For those who have managed to stay awake and resist the overwhelming urge of ramming a screwdriver up their ears just to make it stop, we’ve arranged for DJ Sòj and DJ Willy Fitswell to cater the afterhours. Both of whom need no introduction whatsoever, or at least we hope so.

All together a promising evening packed with good stuff, so we expect you to be there Saturday 6th at 8 o’clock sharp. Bring your good mood and be nice. To the young man who insisted on Jaegermeister last party: next time we’ll put you on youtube. Be warned.

See you next Saturday@ARM


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