Rapid Cities&mOck>>making friends overseas tour>>4th of September 21:00@ARM

dEUS  and Absynthe Minded? We’ll have none of that. And neither will you, since Rapid Cities (USA) and mOck (DE) will honour us with a visit next saturday.

Rapid Cities started in New Brunswick, NJ in 2006 as a concept and punk rock critique by John Terry, Anthony Battiato, Brian Whitney, and Cass McGrath, the band immediately started churning out songs and ideas that reflected the need to move everything they loved in life and music in a forward direction.

Think about early post-hardcore of the mid 90s, the sound of the ‘Midwest’ and add some inspiration by Postrock in the vein of the Chicago school and you might get a glimpse on what the music of Berlins new trio mOck sounds like: driving, melodic, irregular, changing between crooked rhythms and floating, minimal structures. Just when you think you get it, there is a surprise. Sometimes noisy and unhandy, the next moment playful loops, outbursts and minimalistic withdrawals.

Call it indie, postrock or whatever; by now I’m getting tired of copy/pasting stuff off other peoples’ myspace pages so I suggest you see for yourself at:



We’ll serve luke-warm, overpriced, half-alcoholic beer in plastic cups, have  trained gorillas check your bags at the entrance and close at eleven.

Oh no we won’t. We’ll have our Mystery DJ spin records all night long, serve ice cold beer in slick brown bottles and dance untill the morning light. That’s what we’ll do. See you Saturday@ARM


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