Rabbit Theory >> &surprise acts >> 8th of August 19:00h@ARM

ARM proudly presents: the Rabbit Theory.  Fresh out of Denmark our friends will drop by @ARM on the way back to Zurich. Its a three-headed and six legged robot, fighting for hope aganist windmills, idiocy and frustration with pounding drums, a sharp but nonetheless roaring guitar, deep and heavy bass and scarsely sung/shouted vocals. call it math-rock with an indie-edge. call it indierock with a post-rock edge. call it post-hc from the sunny side. facing a renewed trend towards non-sustainability and carelessness, their songs deal a alot with these topics, of course. however, the occasional introspective piece occurs as well.

See for yourself at:

http://www.quiet.ch/therabbittheory/ or


The surprise acts remain remarkably surprising although rumour has it that Maastricht’s very own Los Dancing Queenc will give acte de presence and redefine various definitions.

One of our resident DJs will then caress your tormented eardrums, while  large quantities of lukewarm beer will help you forget what you just saw.

All the ingredients for another lovely evening.  Sunday 19:00@ARM.

program update:
19.00- 20.30: Music and Food (fries,loempia’s,salad)
21.00-22.30: The Rabbit Theory
23.00-00.30: Lucas Kramer
01.00-02.00 The lost dancing queens
After 02.00: DJ


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