ARM400 info day

Become affiliated with ARM, a place of its own.
A vast growing cultural platform, creativity for every square meter!

-Are you thinking about renting a square meter of rough authentic culture at Artspace Rondeel Maastricht, but you are not quiet convinced yet?

-Do you, as potential renter still have a lot of questions about ARM400 which can’t be handled by email, because you just want to know whom you are talking to?

-Do you wish to see what you rent first, before signing our “rent”-contract?.

-And are you just curious what Artspace Rondeel Maastricht is all about and want to see it for yourself?. 

Do you have these kind of thoughts, but don’t want to drop by without an appointment?.We have the solution! If you are interested in supporting our action ARM400, or just general interested in ARM. Once a month we will organize a get together at Artspace Rondeel Maastricht, just for you! If you are interested, sign up by email  for the ARM400 day. The first ARM400 date to sign up for is: 24rd of july.  The ARM400 day will start at 13.00 and end at 15.00.

And I hope to see you there!.

On behalf of ARM,

Marjolein Ouwehand.

 P.s. for more info about ARM400, please check our ARM400 tab at this website.


1 Response to “ARM400 info day”

  1. 1 artspacerondeelmaastricht July 16, 2010 at 8:34 am

    An update about the ARM400 day:
    It will take place at the 24th of july,from 13.00 till 15.00.
    I hope to see you there!

    On behalf of Artspace Rondeel Maastricht,

    Marjolein Ouwehand.

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