ARM400 from 22nd of May until 30th of June 2010

«One day you wake up…to find out that you live in a space where a chain of cultural projects are collocated.» (G. Wevers; Via 2018, concept for cultural capital Maastricht)

To make this dream come true the ARM, Maastricht’s most experimental art platform is for hire.

ARM400 press english
rental agreement ARM400

At a price of 17 cents a day you become a proud leaser
of one square meter of ARM (Artspace Rondeel Maastricht). The minimal period for hiring is one year.
During the Kunsttour (22nd-24th of may 2010) starts the apportionment.
The total hire charge is dedicated to the culture of Maastricht.
Whatever you choose – stage, maisonette, wall or backstage – you choose for a square meter sustainability, quality and upright culture.

ARM is an independent cultural space where future initiatives are founded and nourished.
It is a platform for experiments, internationalization and creative industry.
With the obtained 400 leasers the fully achieved hire charge is handed over
to the – after all generous – landlord Belvédère. Under the precondition of a reinvestment with the factor 1,3 the hire charge
is flowing back in the cultural sector. This means that Belvédère and the municipality are supporting inventive and regenerative initiatives with an amount of 33.000 Euros, with the intension to stimulate the creative motor of the city.
Your 17 cent gets 23 cent – it’s as simple as that!

A win-win situation

Even if ARM is not entirely hired out, or if Belvédère drops out, your investment is guaranteed to cultural life. In case of this most unlikely scenario you have the opportunity to donate your contribution to ARM. Even so you stay a proud leaser of a square meter unpolished creative
Corporation. Take your chance to be part of the biggest leaser collective Maastricht has ever seen.
Beside that you give Maastricht a hand to land the title «European cultural capital 2018»

ARM400 Installation
22nd-24th May 2010, 11a.m-18p.m in the
ARM Artspace Rondeel Maastricht
Het Rondeel 2
6219PG Maastricht

ARM400 infosquare meter 4 U
22nd-24th May 2010, 11a.m-14p.m in the
Boschstraat 5-9
6211 Maastricht

Installation of Nora de Baan and Maja Gehrig

Participating Artists:
Nina Grunenberg, Vasiliki Tsagkari, Kaspar König, Rod Summers, Katja Donnerstag, Los Dansing Qings and guests

Rental agreement also available on the web


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