in the new unburned theatre space.
het Rondeel 2, Maastricht
organized by Vasiliki Tsagkari


1. Monday 17- Friday 22 of May 10:00-14:00

infinite < 100
a shifts project

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A game – 10 dancers – Countless new beginnings – The audience is counting – An interactive installation in movement
Inspired by a traditional japanese theatre exercise Malgven Gerbes and David Brandstätter work together with a group of performers for one week on different ways to interact playfully with the audience. Play stands in this case for cooperation not competition. Will it be possible to establish a collaboration between the performers and the audience, that will enable a respectful play between both parties? The showing will be an experiment, that demands from the participants a sensitive perception of the other, as well as the conscious intervention as provocation to the performers. It is a changeable choreography that relies on the spectator as vis a vis and as taker. This experiment is part of the preparation for a new production aiming to premiere 2011. The artists are looking forward to your feedback.

For registration and info contact : , 0631175600

1/ release movement research
We will start by awakening our body’s structures and mechanisms as well as our creative mind while connecting to our breath and movement through release principles.
In a dynamic and connected state of body and mind, we will dive into our creative potentials, incorporating and challenging our borders.
Dealing with scores as tools for real time creation will help us to connect to our instincts, reflexes, and desires while gaining accuracy and poetry in our movements.
We will develop contrasted vocabulary by using spirals, floor work, jumps, extensions, falling, sliding, upside-down, modulation of our sense of gravity, folding and unfolding etc…
We will then dance some sequences of set movements, applying the previous kinesthetic principles, for the pleasure and challenge of dealing with choreographed materials.

2/ contact improvisation
We will build/challenge/revisit our technical understanding for the body in contact: strategies of support, understanding the redirecting of weight and energy shared in the fall, training orientation and savety in unusual and challenging physical situations. Simultaneously explored are theatrical and dramaturgic potentials of a physical encounter; By observing the relationship between the contact partners, the work aims for a stimulating physical dialogue with respect to the details that make up an inspiring dance. We are going to focus on the interactive nature of this dance form, and how to make our physical encounters visible and understandable for a spectator. )

For registration and info contact : , 0631175600

2.Anatomy of sound in motion- workshop by inside out lab
10:00-13:00 on saturday the 22nd and sunday the 23rd May
cost is 60 euros for the whole weekend.

In a two day workshop for dancers and musicians, we will experiment with ways in which movement and sound can co-exist in space and time and for performance. Through scores and games we will search for the ways that the two media can support each other and provide information and inspiration to each other. Through visual, auditive and kinaesthetic practices we will work to develop further our awareness of each one of the two disciplines.

The workshop will be led by a group of movement and sound artists that have already collaborated for two years (inside out lab).

3. Evening classes open to all

Monday 17 and Teusday 18 of May, 19:30-21:00 :

Hazel Carrie: dance/Alexander technique

Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 of May 20:00-21:30

Yvette van der Silk : dance/aikido

contact:, 0631175600

Thanks to all particpants and our voluntary helpers.
Also performance evenings to be anounced: keep these dates
free >> 22nd & 23rd of may!

coming soon >> the ARM400 >> 17 cents/m2 a day!

Artspace Rondeel Maastricht
het rondeel 2 – 6219 PG – +31437850503 –
mail to:



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